Interview with Nigel Cartner, author of ‘Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas.’

I caught up with Nigel after his book signing in WHSmith, Chester on 1st September and we were able to do this interview which had been a long time in the planning stage. I first met Nigel on 16th June when he was first in Chester for his book signing event and I knew that as well as wanting to read his book, I also wanted to interview him for our 2 blogs.    Continue reading “Interview with Nigel Cartner, author of ‘Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas.’”

Interview with Matthew Hanover, author of ‘Not Famous’

In January this year, Matthew Hanover self-published his first novel ‘Not Famous’. He shared the book with us at ‘book lovers’ and asked us to review it so we also took the opportunity to interview him. We understand that often knowing the author and getting to hear about the writing process as well as the reasons behind the content, can enhance the reading experience. As Matthew is based in USA, this interview took place over an email exchange.   Continue reading “Interview with Matthew Hanover, author of ‘Not Famous’”

Love for imperfect things: Haemin Sunim

With the subtitle ‘How to Accept Yourself in a World Striving for Perfection’, this is a worthy sequel to ‘The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down’. This book holds a key message that will benefit anyone who picks it up, whether you choose passages or read it all the way through, there will be something which resonates with you.      Continue reading “Love for imperfect things: Haemin Sunim”

Calling all avid readers

There are lots of people out there who are avid book readers, many of our group of bloggers certainly are and we often pass books around amongst us and chat about them later or refer each other to read books we have loved. If we do that then we’re sure there are many more people out there who would love to express their thoughts on their favourite books too.    


So why not get involved and get your thoughts posted here? Here’s how you can do it:

Get in touch: we can be contacted through the form below or via twitter: beingthebest@AlisonGeorge23 (for now although we may in the future set up a twitter account for this blog). Let us know which book you have enjoyed or been effected by in some way.

Write a short review: tell us why you enjoyed the book and why you feel it is worth promoting through this blog. Include a short summary of what it is about. 

Recommend: We are aware that not everyone will wish to write a review but may wish to simply recommend a book to us so we can read it and review it and we are happy to do that. 

So go for it, get in touch and share your book reviews or recommendations with us.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


So here we are! We decided to start a separate blog for book lovers. It is something we have discussed over the last few months and especially every time we have published a book review on our being the best site. 

As we start a new year, we thought it provided the opportunity to introduce a new site just like we did last year with our travel blog, So over the first few weeks, we will reblog those book reviews published on our being the best you can be and travel alphabet blogs and then from there we hope to publish our reviews and any we receive from readers. 

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