Interview with Peter Kay, author of ‘Show me the way to Santiago’

I am currently reading ‘Show me the way to Santiago’ by Peter Kay and through email, we have conducted an interview with me sending Peter questions which he has kindly provided the answers to below. This interview and the subsequent book review to follow has arisen through an approach made to me by E Rachael Hardcastle at CuriousCatBooks who had seen another interview and book review I had covered on this blog (Nigel Cartner). She explained that Peter had written about his Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and that he was raising money through the sale of his book for MNDA. As I have also walked the Camino de Santiago and written about my journey, I was happy to read another Camino book and to also support Peter in reaching potential readers and supporters of MNDA. The book was sent to me free of charge and this interview and book review is being written and shared free of charge.  

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