Being the Best You Can Be: Tips and encouragement to lead your best daily life

In October 2019, my first book was published on Kindle and this is what I wrote on this blog about it.

On Friday, I published my book. Now, that’s a sentence I’ve been waiting to say since I was a young girl writing short stories for fun as well as reading any book I could. Normally, this blog would contain a book review, however even in my excitement I won’t be doing that. So, I thought instead as the author (smiles proudly), I could write a little about the writing and publishing process as well as a bit about the content of the book and certain decisions I made.  

Maybe, I can start with the photo I took of it sitting on my Kindle once I had bought and dowloaded it because of course I had to have it there to see amongst other books. I don’t mind telling you that that is a huge thing for me as normally I would remain calm without allowing myself that moment of pride. This time was different though and ever since uploading it to Kindle on Thursday, I have not been able to stop smiling!


Content: As the subtitle states, the book contains ‘tips and encouragement to lead your best daily life’. It is not written in the same format as a self-help book, however in some respects it is a self-help book as the sections may encourage readers to make changes but it will be necessary for those readers to commit to making that change. Some parts standalone, whilst others are part of a series and whilst some are written from my take on life, there are also contributions from readers who have answered a question posed to them. 

Pricing: I opted for a 99p price as I wanted it to be available for as many people as possible. There wasn’t even a thought of pricing it higher as I believe it contains information,  tips and encouragement that we can all make use of and I didn’t want anyone to be priced out of that. 

Self-publishing: I chose self-publishing on Kindle to try out the process of publishing an e-book especially as I know I have more books in me to write. These books will be travel books as well as novels in the future and some in the near future. I’m pleased to be able to tell you that it is a very easy process once you have registered and of course written the book, it takes minutes to upload the book and then it was 24 hours or so before it went live. 

Layout: Here’s where I struggled a little as the layout I had taken lots of time over simply didn’t come out on the devices when I saw the preview of how it would appear on different devices from phones, tablets and laptops. The photos I also included didn’t come out so I know next time not to include any. 

Who is it aimed at?: I believe it can reach all ages and genders. Wherever you are in life there will be moments when you need to question who you are in that instant, what you want from life and how far you can challenge yourself to change yourself in your personal or professional life.  

What’s next?: Well, if I’m honest this is intended as the first of many and now I know how easy the process is I hope to keep going. There is a travel one pushing to come out and I don’t think it’s that far off now that this one is out there. 

Writing: I said I would write a bit about the writing process. I guess it all started 2 years ago when I started my blog and I’ve written consistently since then. Some parts were bursting to come out whilst others were dragged out it felt at times. There are some posts I haven’t included as I don’t think they fit in with the idea of the book and some were adapted before being added to the book.  

Since writing this in 2019, I have since self-published 4 more books on Amazon Kindle. Please check them out under Alison Laycock on Kindle. 

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