Book Review: ‘Lost in Manchester, Found in Vegas’ by N.J.Cartner

We also feature our interview with Nigel Cartner on this blog and now we share my review to encourage others to read this book. I am very excited to read the sequel to this book which will no doubt be just as interesting as this one.

From the first chapter, where the story was laid out and we had an idea of what to expect from this adventure, I was pulled into supporting the main character, Ricky on his journey during the trip to Vegas and beyond. We learn why the trip with 3 other friends is finally happening and what emotional turmoil Ricky has been dealing with ahead of the trip and what he hopes to get from his time away in a fun-loving destination.

Although the book is billed as 4 guys going to Vegas for adventure, there is a lot more to it which is why it appeals to both genders and different age groups. As well as the travel and adventure aspects of the story, we follow Ricky’s turmoil resulting from a break-up and we learn at various times how his ex-girlfriend behaved. The stereotypes I hold about how men and women act within a relationship were certainly challenged and I really enjoyed how feelings and actions were explored. The friendships within the group highlighted how men can support each other through bad times and how they encourage  forward progression. This support and encouragement was offered during nights out gambling or at strip clubs and it often provided interesting emotional snippets during the evening juxtaposed next to the glare and the noise of the nightlife.


The spiritual aspect to the book certainly resonated with me as Ricky finds himself stuck in a rut in his work as well as his romantic life and we follow him on his journey through this and out the other side. This is something we can all empathise with at different times. The way it is explained throughout the book in terms of destiny, reason or a season, fate and the need to be open to adventure certainly offers some great advice.

There are many descriptive parts which help create the scene which can either be a great help or a hindrance but that can be said for all books we read and didn’t get in the way of my reading experience.

So whether you read this simply as a travel story of 4 friends hitting Vegas or as a deeper journey offering advice in dealing with life, ‘Lost In Manchester, Found in Vegas’ is certainly worth the read. I’m glad I read it as I love discovering new authors and will read books across most genres as I enjoy finding new voices. The book ends on the start of a new adventure for Ricky so I am excited for the sequel already. 


Let us know what you think of the book once you have read it by getting in touch below.


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