Calling all avid readers

There are lots of people out there who are avid book readers, many of our group of bloggers certainly are and we often pass books around amongst us and chat about them later or refer each other to read books we have loved. If we do that then we’re sure there are many more people out there who would love to express their thoughts on their favourite books too.    


So why not get involved and get your thoughts posted here? Here’s how you can do it:

Get in touch: we can be contacted through the form below or via twitter: beingthebest@AlisonGeorge23 (for now although we may in the future set up a twitter account for this blog). Let us know which book you have enjoyed or been effected by in some way.

Write a short review: tell us why you enjoyed the book and why you feel it is worth promoting through this blog. Include a short summary of what it is about. 

Recommend: We are aware that not everyone will wish to write a review but may wish to simply recommend a book to us so we can read it and review it and we are happy to do that. 

So go for it, get in touch and share your book reviews or recommendations with us.

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