A bookstore feels like home to me

This is a post from our sister blog’s (beingthebestyoucanbeblog) section on where feels like home for people and we thought it was also relevant for this blog. 

After reading previous posts about where feels like home for them, it got me thinking of where that was for me. My first instinct was my children and grandchildren and of course they are. However, when I’m not with them and I allow myself to be me then I’ve realised my home is in any book store.

When I’m travelling around the world or in my own country then I can ground myself by walking into a book store. The books don’t even need to be in my native language, in fact a lot of the time they aren’t. I wander in, have a look round whilst inhaling that wonderful smell which goes with a book store.

What is that smell? Well for me that’s the smell of expectation and excitement for the readers in the store knowing they will soon have a book to read which will occupy their days and nights. They’ll be able to lose themselves in a story and become whoever they wish to be for the length of time it takes to devour the story and meet the characters.

I’ve lived and travelled in places where there aren’t any book stores available and I’ve really missed that. There are other stores I’ll try out but it’s not the same as there isn’t the same smell of hope in the air.

When I see children perusing the shelves with their parents or alone then a smile crosses my lips and I have to stop myself from sharing my recommendations with them. After all, reading is our own journey to find as we discover who we are and where we want to disappear to. I wouldn’t wish to recommend something which didn’t give them the same good experience I’d had or put them off reading.

When I realised the pattern of going into book stores wherever I am, I found I just needed to send in my answer of what feels home to me.

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